Fall 2023

August 21, 2023 - December 2, 2023

REMINDER: This schedule is not finalized. It is subject to changes and/or cancellations.

Modesto A. Maidique Campus - Undergraduate

Ref NumberSectionCourse Number and TitleProfessorDaysTimesLocationSyllabi
89003U01HBR 3100 Biblical Hebrew I C/L RLG 5232 U01LarsonTR9:30 AM-10:45 AMCP103Syllabus
87285U01REL 2011 Intro to ReligionGrahamTR9:30 AM-10:45 AMPC213Syllabus
86785U02REL 2011 Intro to ReligionAlvarezTR11 AM-12:15 PMCP197Syllabus
86765U03REL 2011 Intro to ReligionRestifoTR12:30 PM-1:45 PMPC211Syllabus
86905U04REL 2011 Intro to ReligionGorelickMWF11 AM-11:50 AMCP151Syllabus
86906U05REL 2011 Intro to ReligionIsaacMWF1 PM-1:50 PMPC438Syllabus
86934U01REL 3020 Meditation & Spiritual DevelopmentPratibhaMWF10 AM-10:50 AMDM144Syllabus
87150U01REL 3095 Religion and FantasySmithT5 PM-7:40 PMDM193Syllabus
89002U01REL 3280 Biblical ArchaeologyLarsonTR12:30 PM-1:45 PMPC310Syllabus
89009U02REL 3308 Studies in World ReligionsGrenierTR9:30 AM-10:45 AMSIPA103Syllabus
89010U03REL 3308 Studies in World ReligionsAlvarezTR12:30 PM-1:45 PMPCA150Syllabus
89012U05REL 3308 Studies in World ReligionsIsaacMWF2 PM-2:50 PMPC428Syllabus
89143U01REL 3367 Islamic Faith & SocietyGrenierTR2 PM-3:15 PMDM164Syllabus
87332U01REL 3505 Intro to ChristianityHolbrook/IsaacMWF3 PM-3:50 PMPC447Syllabus
90797U01REL 4150 Spiritual Power & Abuse IsaacMWF11 AM - 11:50 AMCP101Syllabus
88965U01REL 4461 Topics in the Philosophy of Religions "W. V. QUINE"AlvarezMWF12 PM-12:50 PMCP115Syllabus
87325U02REL 4937 Special Topics: African American Slavery & The BibleRodriguezT6:30 PM-9:50 PMPC422Syllabus
89028U04REL 4937 Special Topics: Interreligious Dialogue C/L RLG 5495SmithM5 PM-7:40 PMCP111Syllabus

Modesto A. Maidique Campus - Graduate - In Person

Ref NumberSectionCourse Number and TitleProfessorDaysTimesLocationSyllabi
89032U01RLG 5232 Biblical Hebrew Exegesis I C/L HBR 3100 U01LarsonTRTR 09:30 AM - 10:45 AMPC449Syllabus
86897U01RLG 5384 Rasta, Vodou, SanteriaWuakuW5 PM - 7:40 PMDM163Syllabus
90794U01RLG 5495 Interreligious Dialogue C/L REL 4937 U04SmithM5 PM - 7:40 PMCP111Syllabus
90723U01RLG 6285 Special Topics: Biblical Archaeology C/L REL 3280LarsonT12:30 PM-1:45 PM & 2 PM-3:15 PMGC273ASyllabus
87046U01RLG 6013 Modern Analysis of ReligionRestifoM10 AM - 12:45 PMGL100ASyllabus

Online Live Undergraduate & Graduate Courses

Ref NumberSectionCourse Name and TitleProfessorDaysTimesSyllabi
87313RVFREL 3308 Studies in World ReligionsSchindlerF11 AM - 12:15 PMSyllabus
89139RVDREL 3492 Earth EthicsBaumanT12:30 PM - 1:45 PMSyllabus
86773RVCRLG 5183 Earth EthicsBaumanT2 PM - 3:15 PMSyllabus
89142RVDRLG 5937 Special Topics: Religion Decolonization, and the Planetary Community and Not EnvironmentBaumanW9AM - 10:15AMSyllabus

Modesto A. Maidique Campus - Undergraduate - Hybrid

Ref NumberSectionCourse Name and TitleProfessorDaysTimesLocationSyllabi
87323UHAREL 2011 Intro to Religiond'ElenaT5PM - 6:15PMZEB120Syllabus
86543UHBREL 2011 Intro to ReligionMarquezR12:30PM - 1:45PM CBC140Syllabus
86764UHCREL 2011 Intro to Religion SmithT2PM - 3:15PMRB140Syllabus
86908UHDREL 2011 Intro to ReligionSmithW3PM - 4:15PMPC310Syllabus
90619UHEREL 2011 Intro to ReligionWuakuW1pm - 2:15PMPC214Syllabus
89646U01REL 3171 Sex & ReligionMarquezT2PM - 3:15PMDM323Syllabus
86766U07REL 3308 Studies in World ReligionsFernandezR1PM-2:15PMGC278BSyllabus
89061UHDREL 3308 Studies in World ReligionSmithW2PM - 3:15PMGC280Syllabus
89062UHBREL 3308 Studies in World ReligionFernandezM11AM - 12:15PMPC332Syllabus

Biscayne Bay Campus - Undergraduate Hybrid

Ref NumberSectionCourse Name and TitleProfessorDaysTimesLocationSyllabi
89081B53REL 2011 Intro to ReligionSchindlerW10AM-11:15AMAC1228Syllabus
87322B54REL 2011 Intro to ReligionFernandezF2PM - 3:15PMAC1326Syllabus
87330UHBREL 3308 Studies in World ReligionsSchindlerW12PM - 1:15 PMAC1155Syllabus

BBC Campus - In Person - Undergraduate Courses

Ref NumberSectionCourse Name and TitleProfessorDaysTimesLocationSyllabi
89079B51REL 2011 Intro to ReligionPopeTR11AM-12:15PMAC1328Syllabus
89080B52REL 2011 Intro to ReligionDammarT6:30PM-9:05PMAC1263Syllabus

Online Undergraduate Courses

Ref NumberSectionCourse Name and TitleProfessorSyllabi
87318RVCREL 1200 Christian ScriptureHolbrookSyllabus
87181RVDREL 2011 Intro to ReligionAlvarezSyllabus
86988RVEREL 2011 Intro to ReligionCutSyllabus
87288RVFREL 2011 Intro to ReligionZolondekSyllabus
87044RVGREL 2011 Intro to ReligionGrahamSyllabus
87149RVCREL 2011 Intro to ReligionSaibSyllabus
87329RVCREL 3020 Meditation & Spirituality DevelopmentPratibhaSyllabus
86771RVCREL 3075 Magic & ReligionsWestonSyllabus
87280RVCREL 3076 New Religious Movements WestonSyllabus
89059RVCREL 3100 Religion and CultureWuakuSyllabus
86690RVCREL 3106 Intro to Religion in Latin AmericaHolbrookSyllabus
87168RVCREL 3127 Church and Stated'ElenaSyllabus
86772RVCREL 3145 Women and ReligionLondoñoSyllabus
86767RVCREL 3185 Healers & MediumsWestonSyllabus
89138RVAREL 3194 The HolocaustStierSyllabus
86451RVCREL 3316 Healings in Asian ReligionPratibhaSyllabus
87316RVHREL 3308 Studies in World ReligionsParfittSyllabus
87315RVBREL 3308 Studies in World ReligionsNgatiniSyllabus
87151RVDREL 3308 Studies in World ReligionsWestonSyllabus
87038RVEREL 3308 Studies in World ReligionsZolondekSyllabus
86749RVCREL 3325 Religions of Classical MythologyGarroteSyllabus
86774RVCREL 3375 Religions of The CaribbeanWuakuSyllabus
87281RVAREL 3583 World ChristianityBidegainSyllabus
89519RVCREL 4153 Religion, Politics, and Society in Brazil? C/L with RLG 5193 RVDBidegainSyllabus
89140RVCRLG 5193 Brazil Religion and Liberation C/L REL 4153BidegainSyllabus
86770RVCREL 4030 Methods in The Study of ReligionLarsonSyllabus

ONLINE - Graduate Courses

(A Hybrid Course that requires participation in an online course space. Attend class once or twice a week as per Professor's instruction.)

Ref NumberSectionCourse Name and TitleProfessorSyllabi
87282RVARLG 5520 World Christianity C/L REL 3583BidegainSyllabus
89137RVARLG 5937 Special Topics: Intro to Religion in Latin C/L REL 3106HolbrookSyllabus

FALL B - Online Undergraduate Courses 10/16/2023 - 12/02/2023

86768RVBBREL 3492 Earth Ethics Hunchingson Syllabus
91382RVHBREL 2011 Intro to ReligionPerezSyllabus
91383RVHBREL 3308 Studies in World ReligionsNgatiniSyllabus

 Fall B - In-Person Undergraduate Course 10/16/2023 - 12/02/2023

91312U01BREL 3029 Intro to Christian MysticismHolbrook   MWF1PM-2:50PMZEB110Syllabus