Affiliated Programs

  • Program in the Study of Spirituality

    Leading the cultivation of new consciousness through diverse, heart-centered, and spiritually responsible educational programs and dialogues, inspiring the global community to create a just, peaceful, and prosperous world.

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  • African and African Diaspora Studies

    The Department of History enjoys a close partnership with AADS, and many faculty are housed in both Programs. We offer with AADS a joint MA/PhD for select students. AADS's mission complements the Department of History in its focus on national and transnational issues within continental Africa, as well as African diaspora histories and cultural studies.

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  • Asian Studies

    Students interested in Asian studies should explore this program of Chinese and Japanese studies that supports the Master's and Bachelor's degree as well as a variety of advanced certificates and a minor. Asians Studies also hosts workshops, events, and performances have been an important factor in invigorating academic excellence and fostering opportunities for the interaction of students with leading scholars in Asian Studies from throughout the world.

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  • Jain Studies Program

    FIU's Jain Studies Program is the first of its kind in the western hemisphere. Rooted in scholarship on the history, scriptures, doctrines, art, practices and literature of Jainism, the program extends to apply such key Jain concepts of Ahimsa (non-harm), Aparigraha (non-possession) and Anekantavada (non-absolutism) to a range of fields such as Business, Law, Environmental Studies, Economics and Development Studies.

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  • Global Jewish Studies Program

    Jewish Studies Initiatives at Florida International University educates university students and faculty and the general South Florida community about Jewish history, culture, religion, literature, political science, and international relations. Jewish Studies offers academically rigorous, multidisciplinary courses at both the Biscayne Bay and University Park campuses in a wide range of departments.

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  • The Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center

    LACC was founded in 1979 to promote the study of Latin America and the Caribbean in Florida and throughout the United States. By forging linkages across the Americas through high quality education, LACC's research is aimed at better understanding and addressing the most urgent problems confronting the region.

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