Faculty Publications

Our faculty members are well published, and are known nationally and internationally. Here we have compiled a list of our faculty's book publications.

  • Iqbal Akhtar

    Latest Publication: The Khōjā of Tanzania: Discontinuities of a Postcolonial Religious Identity. The book attempts to reconstruct the development of Khōjā religious identity from their arrival to the Swahili coast in the late 18th century ...

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  • Whitney Bauman

    Latest Publication: Environmental Ethics and Uncertainty. This book offers a multidisciplinary environmental approach to ethics in response to the contemporary challenge of climate change caused by globalized economics and ...

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  • Steven Heine

    Latest Publication: Treasury of the True Dharma Eye. This book is a comprehensive introduction to this essential Zen text, offering a textual, historical, literary, and philosophical examination of Dōgen's treatise. Steven Heine explores the religious and cultural context ...

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  • Oren Baruch Stier

    Latest Publication: Holocaust Icons: Symbolizing the Shoah in History and Memory. Jewish studies scholar Oren Stier offers in this volume new insight into symbols and the symbol-making process, as he traces the lives and afterlives of certain remnants of the Holocaust ...

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  • Tudor Parfitt

    Latest Publication: Hybrid Hate: Conflations of Antisemitism & Anti-Black Racism from the Renaissance to the Third Reich. In this book, Tudor Parfitt investigates the development of antisemitism, anti-Black racism, and race theory in the West from the Renaissance to the Second World War ...

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  • Albert Wuaku

    Latest Publication: Hindu Gods in West Africa: Ghanaian Devotees of Shiva and Krishna. In this book, Wuaku offers an analytical account of the histories, beliefs, and practices of the Hindu Monastery of Africa and the Radha Govinda Temple ...

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