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REL 3161 Special Topics: Spirituality and Sustainability with Prof. Pliske

REL 3194 The Holocaust with Dr. Stier

REL 3398 Sacred Rhythms with Prof. McDaniel

REL 4063 Faith in Social Justice with Prof. Smith

REL 4081 Non-Violence and Peace Studies with Prof. Samani Rohini

REL 4173 Technology and Human Values with Dr. Bauman

REL 4363 Sufism: Islamic Mysticism and Spirituality with Visitor Instructor Prof. Grenier

REL 4364 Interpreting the Quran: Gender and Jihab with Dr. Akhtar

REL 4937 Special Topics: Religion & Science Fiction with Prof. Smith

RLG 5937 The Social Sciences Humanities and the Study of Religions with Professor Bidegain

RLG 6935 Seminar in Sacred Text with Dr. Akhtar

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Aashi Jain


Degree: Master of Arts, Religious Studies College: Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs

The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU presents #BeWell, a wellness event series


“We are keenly aware that it is especially important that people are nurturing their inner lives and well-being during these challenging and uncertain times,” said Erin Weston, assistant teaching professor in the Department of Religious Studies and director of the Program in the Study of Spirituality at FIU.

A professor acts on his beliefs, Dr. Iqbal Akhtar


Iqbal Akhtar thought living his faith should translate into buying a home in a community where he could do the most good.

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Graduate Thesis


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Forms and Deadlines for Thesis Defenses: Click Here for all dates Just a reminder: Form M3 must be presented in our Department 3 weeks before deadline and 1 week before going to SIPA.

Master's Theses Defenses

1.Title: Jewish Conversation During the Covid-19 Pandemic

by: Victoria Davide

Abstract: March 2020 saw a stark change to daily life and religious practices for many individuals because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those converting to Judaism, or in the process of wanting to convert, found themselves physically isolated from their Jewish communities. This thesis dives into what aspects are important when creating a Jewish identity and how individuals circumnavigate these changes in crisis. Through the use of qualitative interviews this thesis illuminates the many different changes and experiences that individuals went through converting to Judaism during the COVID-19 pandemic. I bring many different groups for comparisons including different branches within Judaism and ethnic backgrounds. Findings suggest that the pandemic has effected the method of conversion as technology has been incorporated into several aspects. It has also affected the Jewish identity of those converting as COVID-19, and the crisis surrounding it, has been at the forefront of these individuals mind. Finally, due to the new found accessibility from the incorporation of technology, individuals who could not convert before are now able to do so. Therefore, changing the new faces of Judaism.

Date: March 30, 2022 Time: 12PM Place: DM 258


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