Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual Development Study Abroad Bahamas

Study Abroad at Sivananda Yoga Ashram Bahamas, Summer 2019

Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual Development

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Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual Development: Study Abroad at Sivananda Ashram, Nassau, Bahamas Through a concentrated study of yoga asanas (postures), meditation techniques, pranayama (breath control), guest lectures, and philosophical and religious scriptures and dialogue, students will engage in both the theory and practical applications of yoga and related spiritual disciplines within the concentrated environment of a traditional yoga ashram. The program includes lectures by world renowned speakers from a variety of traditions, daily Yoga classes, delicious vegetarian meals, and some recreational time for swimming and snorkeling.


The Yoga Retreat is located across the bay from Nassau, Bahamas on a pristine white sand beach and five and ½ acres of lush tropical gardens. With its celebrated lineage of yogic masters, the Sivananda Yoga Retreat offers a rare combination of a traditional ashram with the feel of a Caribbean resort


The Yoga Retreat provides a diverse array of lodging options to suit individual needs. Program accommodations include options of a tent hut or a dormitory room. Tent huts are private and include fan, raised cot, small table, and lamp. Dorms are shared four to a room with bunk beds and have air conditioning.

TERM Summer 2019
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Abroad: April 28th, 2019 thru May 5th, 2019

Courses: (pick only 1 course) 3 credits total:

REL 3020: Meditation and Spiritual Development

REL 3399: Art of Yoga and Meditation

REL 4910: Independent Study Abroad

RLG 5397: Yoga Theory and Practicum (Graduate course)

Accomodations for 7 nights:

The program cost is ($1,200) for either Tent Hut or Dorm room with A/C for 7 nights and includes: food, lodging, all lectures, on-site workshop and programs. The program cost also includes mandatory international health insurance.

The Program cost does not include: airfare, the non-refundable study abroad fee $175, course fee/tuition (undergraduate $205.57/credit, graduate $455.64/credit), in-country transportation, and personal expenses.

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Testimonials from students for Summer 2016

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Contact: Dr. Andrea Mantell Seidel, Dept. of Religious Studies.

Email: Professor Seidel

and also visit the ashram website : Sivananda Bahamas/