Accelerated Bachelor's / Master's

Combined BA/MA in Religious Studies

Students with a minimum FIU 3.2 GPA and 75 credits completed will have access to the Combine/4+1 application through the FIU student portal. The link is available by navigating to the Admissions Tile on the student dashboard.

To be considered for admission to the combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program, students must have completed at least 75-90 credits in the bachelor’s degree program at FIU and meet the admissions criteria for the graduate degree program to which they are applying. Students need only apply once to the combined degree program, but the application must be submitted to Graduate Admissions before the student starts the last 30 credits of the bachelor’s degree program. A student admitted to the combined degree program will be considered to have undergraduate status until the student applies for graduation from their bachelor’s degree program. Upon conferral of the bachelor’s degree, the student will be granted graduate status and be eligible for graduate assistantships. Only 5000-level or higher courses, and no more than the number of credits specified by the program catalog, may be applied toward both degrees.

Admission Requirements

  • Current enrollment in the Bachelor's Degree program in Religious Studies, or any humanities major that allows at least 12 hours of electives.
  • Completed at least 60 hours of coursework.
  • Current GPA must be 3.4 or higher.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Approval of the Graduate Committee.
  • Submission of acceptable writing sample, complete with bibliography, to Email:

Graduation Requirements

Completed BA at FIU including

  • REL 4931 Religious Studies Seminar ( 3 credits) or REL 4030 Methods in the Study of Religion (3 credits)
  • RLG 6935 Seminar in Sacred Texts (3 credits)
  • RLG 6013 Modern Analysis of Religion (3 credits)

Six additional hours of graduate credit in Religious Studies (for majors, graduate level enrollment in six hours of Focus Courses) must also be taken as Graduate courses.


  • A four course track, either in one religious tradition, or one theme across religious traditions, approved by the Graduate Director.
  • The two graduate seminars taken in he senior year of the BA as well as the Focus courses taken at the Graduate level (limit 12 hours double-counted).
  • Six credits of electives selected from the Religious Studies Course Offerings.
  • Six hours of thesis, or six additional hours from the Religious Studies Graduate Course Offerings.

All courses must be completed with a grade of "B" or above.