Theta Alpha Kappa for Religious Studies

In 1976, Professor Albert Clark, F.S.C., established Theta Alpha Kappa at Manhattan College in Riverdale (the Bronx), New York for the purpose of recognizing the academic achievements of religion and theology students. Since then, Theta Alpha Kappa has grown to more than two hundred chapters nationally in four-year educational institutions ranging from small religiously affiliated colleges to large public research institutions. It is the only national honor society dedicated to recognizing academic excellence in baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate students and in scholars in the fields of Religious Studies and Theology.


TAK is an honors society for undergraduate and graduate students in Religious Studies. There are a number of benefits of belonging to a professional organization like TAK:

  • Sharing professional information and collegiality
  • Eligibility for academic prizes and awards
  • Possibility of publication in student academic journal
  • Excellent C.V. bullet
  • Pins and other cool regalia items

Official Membership

We are proud of our membership in the Alpha Gamma Pi local chapter of TAK. Our current practice is to induct undergraduate and graduate students into TAK when they:

  • Have completed at least 15 credits in Religious Studies courses
  • Have maintained at least a 3.5 GPA average in Religious Studies courses
  • Have maintained at least a 3.0 overall GPA
  • Have fully matriculated as MA students (applies only to graduate students)
  • Have declared a major in Religious Studies (applies only to undergraduate students)
  • Members assume responsibility for their own dues: $25 for Member Certificate

Unofficial Membership

To get involved with Theta Alpha Kappa on Campus, visit: More Information
- Make an account for free. - This site informs you of TAK's events and activities on campus. - You do not have to be an official member to participate in Theta Alpha Kappa at the university level.


One of the outstanding benefits of TAK membership is the opportunity to submit articles for publication in the society's Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa. This is a refereed, scholarly journal, with two issues appearing each year. The journal exists primarily to honor and disseminate student academic work in religious studies or theology. This is an excellent initial publication venue for grad students. Publication in the journal provides terrific training for the process of proposing and preparing an article without expecting students to compete against experienced academics for acceptance—articles are selected competitively, but on a "level playing field" with other students.

The journal editor (see below) receives submissions for possible publication on an on-going basis.Subscriptions to this journal are automatic to "active" (dues-paying) members, and to special life-time members who have served on the national Board of Directors.

Theta Alpha Kappa publishes a refereed, scholarly journal titled the Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa, with two issues appearing each year. This journal exists primarily to honor and disseminate student academic work in religious studies or theology, as exemplified by the Albert Clark Awards for both undergraduate and graduate papers.

The journal editor receives submissions for possible publication on an on-going basis—whether or not in competition for the Clark Awards, and whether or not from current students.

While submissions for possible publication are preferred from TAK members or students and faculty of institutions with chapters, other types of submissions may be entertained.

Subscriptions to this journal are a benefit to "active" (dues-paying) members, and to special life-time members who have served on the national Board of Directors. To activate your permanent membership, please write to the Secretary of TAK as listed under "National Board & Affiliations" elsewhere on this web site. All other inquiries about the journal or subscribing to it should be directed to the Editor:

Dr. Leo H. Madden Department of Theology Ohio Dominican University 1216 Sunbury Road Columbus, OH 43219


TAK offers two national awards Click Here

The ALBERT CLARK AWARDS are given for the best papers in religious studies or theology. The award consists of $200 each for the best undergraduate and best graduate papers. Winning essays are published in JTAK.

The Kathleen Connolly-Weinert Leader-of-the-Year Award is given annually to one of Theta Alpha Kappa's outstanding faculty advisors/chapter oderators. Nominations are received from individual members or chapters, and the winner is selected by the Board of Directors.

The National Dean's List is a national educational organization providing scholarships to worthy students and publishing an annual "who's who" volume listing students from a number of national honor societies (including Theta Alpha Kappa) who have been honored with induction. Theta Alpha Kappa participates in this program in two ways: 1. It annually nominates all inducted students to be listed in the National Dean's List (NDL), and to be eligible for scholarship monies; and 2) it receives a special $100 grant annually from the NDL to use as it sees fit in honoring some particular student. In the latter case, Theta Alpha Kappa asks that its Kathleen Connolly-Weinert Leader- of-the-Year award winner select the student to receive this grant, and Theta Alpha Kappa grants that student the award.

Graduate Fellowship TAK 2013 Awards Competition: Click here for More Details



  • President: Paola (Andrea) Sanchez
  • Treasurer: Carol Rodriguez
  • CSO Representative: Humberto Perez


  • Venu - President
  • Joshua Falcon - Treasurer
  • David St. Joh - CSO Rep


  • President - Grisel D'Elena
  • Vice President & CSO - Darbee Hagerty
  • Treasurer - Joshua Falcon
  • Faculty Advisor - Dr. Vose


  • Rebecca Garcia - President
  • Anthony Paz - Treasurer
  • Grisel Oliva - CSO Representative
  • John Grullon - Secretary


  • President - Priyanka Ramlakhan
  • VP and Treasurer - Katherine Pals
  • CSO Representative - Evelyn Arhin-Sam
  • Faculty Advisor - Professor Vose


  • President - Mariana Restrepo
  • CSO Representative - Daniella Vaclavick
  • Treasurer - Kimberly Tucker


  • President - A.J. Cohen
  • Vice President - Elena Amato
  • Vice President - Lyzbeth Armenteros
  • Secretary - Flora Vena
  • Treasurer - Maria Murriel


  • President - Michael Zolondek
  • Vice President - Jeremy Paulovkin
  • Secretary - Saeha Paulovkin
  • Treasurer - Elizabeth Perez


  • President - Jackie Biver
  • Vice President - Michael Zolondek
  • Secretary - Gudny Rossen
  • Treasurer - Elizabeth Perez

Inducted Members



  • Beyssa Buil
  • Britney Fernandez
  • Elise Ramos
  • Lytton Cosens
  • Humberto Perez
  • Yanet Ruvalcaba
  • Yadel Couso
  • Daniel Pinto
  • Daniel Santos
  • Rosina Villavisani

Graduates students:

  • Raymond Awadzi
  • Komal Ashok Kumar
  • Yehonathan Elazar-Demota
  • John Grullon
  • Sonia Scheuren Acevedo
  • Meisam Vahedi
  • Patrick Villalonga
  • Darbee Hagerty



  • Fatima Hamouda
  • Alexander McCarty
  • Gerard Osborne
  • Ameer Quadri
  • Amaris Rivera Mercado

Graduate students:

  • David Brian Esch
  • Gerardo Rodriguez
  • Maurisa Zinira



  • Cruz Ernesto
  • Fernandez Andy
  • Garcia Rebecca
  • Lopez Jemma
  • Naqvi Syeda Sahar
  • Paz Anthony
  • Sanchez-Perez Linda
  • Tunez Christopher
  • Valdemoro Christopher


  • Arhin-Sam Evelyn
  • Ballestero Tamara
  • Cribeiro Marisol
  • Fernandez Alexander
  • Matas Alfonso
  • Mitchell Michelle
  • Ngatini Ngatini
  • Pals Katharine
  • Ramlakhan Priyanka
  • Randolph Ellen
  • Romero Sigifredo
  • Tejada-Lalinde Andres


Undergraduate Inductees:

  • Zachary Cawn
  • Lytton Cosens
  • Sergio Flores
  • Jeremy Gershwin
  • Sarah Getter
  • Wendy Jenkins
  • Matthew Preston
  • Raul Quintana Selleras
  • Gilbert Velasquez

Graduate Inductees:

  • Logan Beitman
  • Shivani Bothra
  • Christopher Crowley
  • Sabrina Diz
  • Emerio Diaz
  • David Ferguson
  • Anna Ladowski
  • Stephanie Londono
  • Haydee Navarro
  • Nicholas Pearce
  • Daniella Vaclavik



  • Anna Ladowski
  • Kimberly Tucker
  • Elvis Perez
  • Meltem Erdogan
  • Patrick Rabulan
  • Lyzbeth Armenteros
  • Diana Trujillo
  • Jesse Botella
  • Luis Alvarado
  • Christopher Crowley
  • Crystal Ferro
  • Mark Sweeney
  • Ami Emanuel
  • Steven Ocampo
  • Carolyn Lamour
  • Jovanni Hernandez
  • Maria Muriel
  • Samantha Webb
  • Catherine Fernandez

Image: tak-induction-ceremony-1.jpeg


  • Elena Amato
  • Jose Andion
  • Ivanessa Arostegui
  • John Shearer
  • Daniel Gonzalez
  • Michael Bender
  • Curtis Lanoue
  • Flora Vena

Image: tak-induction-ceremony-2.jpeg


  • Lyzbeth Armenteros
  • Daniel Brizan
  • Nilam Gajwani
  • Jonathan Koscheski
  • Comfort Max-Wirth
  • Jeremy Paulovkin
  • Patrick Rabulan
  • Karina Ryan
  • Valeria Schindler
  • Molly Thiemann
  • Isabel Toledo

Image: tak-induction-ceremony-3.jpg


  • Lillie Adkins-Falco
  • Jackie Biver
  • Andrew Cohen
  • Upananda Dedunupitiye
  • Leonard Goenaga
  • Dolores Heredia-Wood
  • Jennifer Mitchell
  • Genevieve Nrenzah
  • Maria Ordonez
  • Elizabeth Perez
  • Sai Paulovkin
  • Antonella Regueiro
  • Sandra Rios
  • Gudny Rossen
  • Anna Scharnagl

Image: tak-induction-ceremony-4.jpg


  • Alexander Albert
  • Willis Ekowati
  • Moises Frastai
  • Sarah Glynn
  • Anthony Gonzalez
  • Sita Hidayah
  • Jennifer Houston
  • Peter Levenda
  • Juan Sanchez
  • Michael Zolondek
  • Ursula Ziegler

Image: tak-induction-ceremony-5.jpeg


  • Alexander Conroy
  • Eitan Gross
  • Harriet Marin
  • Katia Moles
  • Jeff Gonzalez
  • David McCrink
  • Siti Sara Muwahidah
  • Anais Sanchez
  • Juan Sanchez