Congratulations to Ivanessa Arostegui on your Faculty Achievement Award

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Ivanessa Arostegui, MS

Religious Studies
College of Arts & Sciences
Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs Lecturer

Congratulations Professor Arostegui for your Faculty Achievement Award

Excellence in Adjunct Teaching

Ivanessa Arostegui has been an adjunct instructor with FIU’s Department of Religious Studies since 2011. She asserts that educators should prompt students to build on their existing knowledge by encouraging them to “open their minds, explore possibilities [and] breakdown walls." In the spirit of her teaching philosophy, she consistently explores active learning methods in order to foster critical thinking in the courses she designs. She also creates learning environments built on mutual respect, so that her students are motivated to ask challenging questions about complex topics. Arostegui affirms that “learning is a two way street,” and therefore, she encourages students to discuss their own personal and lived religious experiences. Significantly, class discussions in which students share their primary knowledge of sacred scriptures from around the world, enrich the courses she teaches. FIU recognizes the benefit of Arostegui’s thought-provoking lessons and her students affirm that her classes are stimulating.

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