Preksha Meditation Research Spring 2014

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Dear students, friends and more:

Preksha Meditation offers free meditation sessions with research analysis added to it. Every MWF from 2.00 to 2.40 or 1.00 to 1.50 pm

About the Research:

Enroll into a Preksha Meditation Research project as a subject. Meditate for 9 weeks and enrich yourself. Commitment for meditation is a commitment for yourself, for your well-being. You will have pre and post test like those of breathing capacity, attention, concentration, memory, and EEG etc. The data remains confidential and there will be no disclosure of the names.

Great opportunity at your door. Pre test starts on 28th Jan. We had limited duration, so the early sign up the better.

Special Gift: Also receive an Amazon store Book voucher of $100. Meditation sessions in MMC campus. Specific room TBA.

Note: We are looking for students who are non-meditators, new to meditation, might have meditated once in a while but not regular meditators.\

You can pls share this email to your friends, students group, face book and more. I appreciate. Selection will be done by the professor.

For more questions - contact professor-

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